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Greetings from IamResponding! We have some exciting news for our members. In addition to our recently released new public website that will help us better communicate news and updates, we are releasing significant updates to the IamResponding apps!

We have listened carefully to feedback from many of you and are updating the look, feel and functionality of the IamResponding apps. This is going to be done in multiple phases, over the course of the next couple of months.

In the first phase, we are going to release an app update tomorrow (December 1) that modernizes the look and feel of the app, but with only nominal changes to how the app functions. We are doing it this way so that you can get used to the new look of the app without experiencing any confusion when using the app in emergency situations. One of the few functional changes will be moving your individual mapping settings to the settings control on the incident mapping page, instead of being within your user settings page. That will make it easier for you to change what is being displayed on your map, without having to leave the mapping page.

Updates to the look and feel of the IamResponding app

The following phases will each involve functional changes to the flow and use of the app, and we will provide advance notification of what those changes will be prior to each of those app updates. These changes are all based on member feedback and are intended to make your use of the app easier and more logical. We are grateful for all the feedback that has led to and informed these upcoming changes.

Please remember to download and use the IamResponding app, as that will make your use and interaction with the IamResponding system easier and more effective.

Thank you for all that you do for your communities, and we look forward to sharing these and other exciting updates with you soon!