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If you consider a first responder’s job role, the first word that comes to mind is definitely not “easy.” According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 64,875 firefighters were injured in the line of duty in 2020 alone. From demanding daily tasks to dangerous working conditions, emergency response professionals work in a very hazardous and difficult industry— but that doesn’t mean the technology they use has to be complicated too.

How an end-to-end emergency response system can serve all your dispatch communications, incident coordination, and station needs
When an emergency happens, there are many moving parts to consider. An end-to-end emergency response system can help 911 first responders control them all in one place. On top of your existing alerts, first responders can receive dispatch notices to their mobile devices via push notification, text, email, call, and also via a station alert. Multiple, redundant notifications ensure that first responders are timely notified of an incident, and give responders the ability to click and respond to the alert quickly and notify telecommunicators that they are answering the call. After first responders click the notification, they are immediately given directions to the emergency scene and can validate the location marker for all emergency response departments working the site.

In addition to directions, end-to-end emergency response platforms also show first responders what resources are available in the vicinity of the emergency through map markers — data points that show universally visible information regarding fire hydrants, building layouts, pre-plans, and local details that can aid the team.

How your team can implement an emergency response system quickly and simply
According to Quick Response Fire Supply, there are many new and advanced tools for firefighters to use. While efficient equipment is helpful, what first responders really need is a way to streamline their current emergency workflow.

Because first responders already have difficult jobs, the goal of an end-to-end emergency response system is to take away stress rather than add to it. To achieve this, emergency response systems work hand-in-hand with your existing alerts. Additionally, to ensure uninterrupted service wherever you are, it is important for these platforms’ features and tools to work on all devices — smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and desktops.

“IaR’s ease of use and ability to map is invaluable.”

2022 Customer Survey

How to simplify your team’s daily operations
Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to your station. You have probably experienced frustration when you’re either waiting for members to show up or you’re leaving the station just as another group is coming around the corner.

When using an end-to-end emergency response system, your team can see who is working or available on any given day. This will keep your team from having to guess who is available to respond to an emergency. This software can also let your team be notified when an emergency happens and see exactly who is attending to the problem. Always know who is running to the truck and who is staying behind with a technology solution that streamlines your day.

What to look for in new technology
For first responders, every second counts. That’s why many are turning to new digital applications that save their team as much time as possible. Purchasing new technology for your team might seem like a daunting or unnecessary task, but it can often be seamlessly integrated with your pre-existing operations while also making those applications easier to use and more efficient.

IamResponding provides a simple, fully-integrated solution to many of the challenges first responders face. In fact, 88% of IamResponding users say that IamResponding is easy to use and 77% report that it has improved information sharing.

“Our first responders love how easy it is to use your product.”

Kevin E. Revere, Director of Emergency Services

How IamResponding is making work easier for first responders
IamResponding is a one-stop shop for straightforward incident response for those that serve. For over a decade, our specifically engineered and innovative technology has been tested by thousands of subscribers including fire, EMS, police, dispatch, emergency management, search and rescue, and specialty teams alike. Now backed by RapidSOS, an intelligent safety platform, IamResponding has even more tools your team can use to improve response times, communications, and daily operations.

With IamResponding, you can:

•  Receive multiple redundant dispatch notifications as soon as an emergency is called.
•  Know who is responding to the scene.
•  Reduce response times and get out with a more complete, effective, and safe crew.
•  See where you’re going and what resources you will find when you arrive.

With our technology pioneering the way for firefighters and other first responders everywhere, we continue to make improvements to our software and update as technology advances. IamResponding has over 450,000 active users and 9,500 subscribed first responding entities, making it a tried and true option for your team.

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