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Our mission is to get first responders the critical incident data they need to save lives and come home at the end of the day. The work first responders do inspires us. We work hard to resolve agency’s unique challenges. One of our customers reached out to us recently to express how IamResponding managed to help their agency with their priority notifications problem.


“Daniel –

I serve as the Director of Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications. Two years ago, we made a change in our Center, sending notifications about specific calls automatically via our CAD system. We support one Metro combined fire/EMS Department (all career – no volunteers) so all initial responses are made through CAD, radios, or station alerting.

We found a challenge in notifying support roles – investigators, PIOs, specialized equipment, and responsible chiefs. The Department authorized users to receive alerts via a variety of wireless devices styles and providers, resulting in inconsistent delivery for notifications. The Department insisted we cease use of automated notifications, which I was unwilling to entertain as we allow our team to focus on priority dispatch activities.

I immediately reached out to IaR, to bring a device-neutral, priority notification solution to resolve the issues. 8 months later, our firefighters are thrilled with the result and my dispatchers remain focused on their mission-critical tasks.

I am so appreciative of the partnership with IaR to keep our teams focused with efficiency.”

Stephen Martini
Director / Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications

This message made our team’s day! It serves as a reminder to continue providing excellent service to all our customers because it truly does make a difference.

About IamResponding

IamResponding is an end-to-end emergency response system for first responders everywhere. It delivers time-saving alerts and critical incident data with unrivaled reliability. The system helps to reduce response times by providing details about the emergency, who is responding, where they are, and when they will be there. Millions of dispatches have been processed, billions of messages have been delivered, and over 10,000 agencies across the U.S. and Canada use it.

Critical features include:

Mobile Dispatch Alerts

Interactive mapping

Know who is responding

We offer a FREE, Two-Month Trial of the IamResponding emergency response system to first responders. Apply here and one of team members will reach out to you shortly to set you and your agency up to start using IamResponding.