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Anderson County Emergency Response Agencies put real-time emergency data directly into the hands of their field responders


To better equip their field response teams with enhanced situational awareness and real-time communication tools, Tennessee’s Anderson County Fire Departments sought new technology to help them save time, lives, and property.

Partnering with IamResponding
By providing their field responders with access to the IamResponding App, Anderson County Fire Departments are able to improve response times, provide situational context, and enable field responders to communicate better while at the scene of an emergency. The IamResponding platform also provides redundancy features to guarantee the transmission of critical data, should their own CAD system fail.

“IamResponding provides a lot of capability for little budget. It’s the perfect one-stop-shop for first responders.”

Matthew R. Burrell,
Assistant Fire Chief


Key Features

Incoming fire calls are verified by local Emergency Communications Centers and are then sent to the appropriate fire station, personnel, and IamResponding using push notifications, text, email, and other channels – direct from CAD and/or live pager audio feed.

Contacted parties see the response status, live location, and availability of team members and resources.

Drivers use turn-by-turn navigation, satellite images, and street maps with exact fire location, using GPS technology and accuracy.

Once on the scene, firefighters can communicate with team members and mutual aid agencies, and can communicate across a number of channels.


By partnering with IamResponding, Anderson County Fire Department’s personnel are now equipped with digital communication tools and incident data right on their phones – providing real-time situational awareness and the ability to arrive on the scene faster.